Think better

Take off your PJs!

Welcome little one. Open your eyes! What do you see? Isn’t it true that due to Covid-19 pandemic we are forced into a life situation where we need to look at the

The Last Time

  THE LAST TIME The words alone are frightening… the last time! So, let’s talk about the last time, about that time that meant the end, the end of an important relationship,

Spyridon Dasiotis

I belong to these people that believe silence is no gold. However, I discovered THE gold in silence. The soul in the wood. Spyridon Dasiotis is an artist with a heart so


Is knowledge a curse?

Is knowledge a curse?   Jean-Paul Sartre, Ludwig Wittgenstein and  Robert Nozick were all influential thinkers from the 20th century who deep in their careers discovered they were wrong in some aspect.

You were wild once. Don’t let them tame you

Women with an Expiration date

That’s how I felt a few days ago having a conversation on the occasion of my birthday… in addition to wishes, I also heard something really wonderful… “You still have a few

My front line people

We often hear the expression “front-line people” these days. Almost all times we mean doctors and nurses but also the rest of the medical staff who work in hospitals, health centers and

Τραγωδία των Κοινών Θνητών

The “Tragedy of the Commoners”

It is indeed a great tragedy to be a commoner. My concept was based on another tragedy. The “Tragedy of the Commons” which was first addressed by the British economist William Forster