My front line people opportunity to live better.

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We often hear the expression “front-line people” these days. Almost all times we mean doctors and nurses but also the rest of the medical staff who work in hospitals, health centers and who, with truly superhuman efforts, face the current situation.

In addition, these people are faced with various new challenges and at the same time are called to act as the reference person for patients who are treated, without being able to see their loved ones. They share their last moments with them, with whatever extra mental burden this brings. They are, undoubtedly, the people of the front line.

But there are also other people at different ramparts who are in the front line. Employees in cleaning, distribution, supermarkets, public markets, in all the services that still work as if nothing has changed.

Allow me only a small reference to my colleagues who remain in their position just as before.

But I would like to talk about my own front-line people, who every and each one is there for different reasons and not always by choice…

The unemployed, the families who have been left without income, the people we say, “stay at home”, but they do not have a home to stay. People whose social isolation is no exception in their lives but the rule, those for whom this year’s solitary Easter was just a repetition of many previous ones…The elders, the mentally ill, the drug addicts, the lonely, the homeless, the refugees, those who, if they don’t get sick just to become a number, a statistic, no one will care. For me, all those who give another fight at the present time, apart from their endless one, are all people of the front line. Because, after all, what is this front line if not a daily struggle?

So we may have spent countless millions to reach the moon (call me short-sighted but I was never interested in the moon, whatever I love is on earth), but we failed to change reality for thousands of our fellow human beings, who are permanently in their own front line, always combative. So, let this condition that we live in now be the reason for all of them to find a helper in their struggle, an opportunity to live better.

«As we advance in life it becomes more and more difficult, but in fighting the difficulties the inmost strength of the heart is developed”, Vincent Van Gogh

by Evdoxia Morouli


Vicky Sgourelli Author /Publisher at Books with Shoes Publications and Unspotted magazine, EFL/SEN Teacher and Head Director of studies and founder of L.O.V.E (Learn Only Via Empathy) private Language school.