Women with an Expiration date

Family or Career?

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You were wild once. Don’t let them tame you

That’s how I felt a few days ago having a conversation on the occasion of my birthday… in addition to wishes, I also heard something really wonderful… “You still have a few years ahead of you!” … I still have a few years ahead of me, I thought, for what?  But how naive was I!motherhood or career

For this ONE thing that will complete me, which is the destination of every woman, that is why nature created me, that is why I should exist and breathe! To become a MOTHER! I have to do this as a woman, I owe it… to someone I don’t know whom, but little does it matter. Of course, it did not occur to anyone if I wanted to be a mother or if I could become a mother. Because no ignorant person ever bothered to think that this issue is not up for discussion, it is very sensitive, completely personal and it can hurt, cause pain or after all may not even concern any other woman, let alone any indiscreet person in the world.

Why, oh! yes, what an incredible discovery in 2020! There are women who do not want to become mothers and there are those who want it, long for it, fight for it but cannot or for whatever reason, which does not concern anyone, in the end they may not succeed. And this discussion may seem outdated, but it is not. In modern society, there are still these stereotypes, these norms that we must all follow, and God forbids if someone does not! Especially a woman.

So, we end up apologizing for something that should be only a conscious choice of every woman and not a result of pressure from family or society. How about the dilemmas every woman is forced to deal with? Countless… among them the eternal: family or career? Children or studies??? Dilemmas non-existential practically because there are thousands of women out there who have already answered that when there is a will everything can be combined however not without effort, a lot of effort actually.

You were wild once. Don’t let them tame you

I believe that motherhood is sacred, every woman’s choice as to whether she will become a mother, when and how, is also sacred. For any despicable who would use expressions such as, “you still have a few years left” or the also unthinkable, “your turn has passed now”, I would like to say that women are not products for mass consumption, with an expiration date and serial number. They are special, unique and free beings and they must live and be treated as such. We must not forget that people are born free by taking a breath and it would be a blessing to leave life, taking one last breath, having lived the way they really like.

By Evdoxia Morouli



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