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“There’s a star named after you”

There’s a star named after you” is a self-empowering educational children poem. Children are white canvases, and what we tell them will be imprinted in their subconscious. This poem weaves positive psychology


My Friend, I can’t breathe either The scholar professionals and smooth-talking humanitarians lied and are weak Sold us a false reality cheap Mass produced in stores Placed it next to the cashier

Is knowledge a curse?

Is knowledge a curse?   Jean-Paul Sartre, Ludwig Wittgenstein and  Robert Nozick were all influential thinkers from the 20th century who deep in their careers discovered they were wrong in some aspect.

Noam the Wise

A friend with a fire spirit asked me about Noam Chomsky for she was currently reading his book. I do not know which one of his over hundred published works and maybe