Noam the Wise

A friend with a fire spirit asked me about Noam Chomsky for she was currently reading his book.

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I do not know which one of his over hundred published works and maybe I should have asked. This man is internationally known for being one of the most productive and awarded thinkers, a political and intellectual activist with a comprehensive platform that has followed him into his consistent and graceful transformation to becoming Gandalf the Wise. Perhaps more magnificent than this, he won the respect of the academics for those are difficult to please. 

Νόαμ ο Σοφός Aya Bader
Noam Chomsky portrait 2017,from Wikimedia Commons

In all seriousness of not being serious, I did something Chomsky might label as ‘intentional ignorance’. With a special in Philosophy, I googled and YouTubed him for my fragile academic memory has failed me in remembering what context I have analyzed his libertarian socialistic conclusions. I do remember his critique of NATO, his work on a universal grammar which is a complicated and ambitious project but illustrates his need to unify human communication for better understanding. He believed language is developed and famously critiqued the behaviorist  B. F. Skinner who wanted to discipline children in using the correct way of expression.

Dear God, thank you for Chomsky! I love anarchism! I could have looked up scholarly papers and been much more formal but who is formal these days where the left acts as the right and the right steals the ideas of the left and so on.

Outdated block politics are covering up mutual greed for absolute power manipulating the mainstream who shouts in the streets in frustration. If they knew history better, they would know their passion and lives are in the hands of evil minds. Let us call a spade for a spade, informed and balanced, without bias and high neuroticism, know our history – not just the winners but the losers, see the nuances in debates and the slow steps to analytical conclusions. Just like Noam Chomsky did, he has his personal history on his side as a witness that he means what he says without an opportunistic aim. His views correlate well with his political activism against imperialism, against Zionism and Israel despite having Jewish roots. I adore accountability.  

And here I am on a Friday night with a short attention span, in the age of information praising Gandalf the Grey but this one is on Twitter. He quotes himself in his bio “[the general population dosen’t know whats happening and it doesn’t even know that it doesn’t know ]” Noam Chomsky”. My autocorrect is correcting his quote, and the man is a Professor in Linguistic among other fields. The absurdity, as some philosopher once said ‘When knighted the pants fell’. My friend also asked me to write something about him, well, I am a fangirl so she might be disappointed with this. Read Chomsky! He is the real humanist, not just in theory but in practice also, a rare mind. I do not think he would like me to tell you what to believe but show you the way to him so he can help you destroy the one Ring.      

I do not think he would like me to tell you what to believe but show you the way to him so he can help you destroy the one Ring.


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