Τραγωδία των Κοινών Θνητών

The “Tragedy of the Commoners”

It is indeed a great tragedy to be a commoner. My concept was based on another tragedy. The “Tragedy of the Commons” which was first addressed by the British economist William Forster

Noam the Wise

A friend with a fire spirit asked me about Noam Chomsky for she was currently reading his book. I do not know which one of his over hundred published works and maybe

The philosophy of Metatrollingism

Metatrolling is the process that a poor, intelligent, indignant person goes through to confront a professional troll who has passed the stage of humanity.

I am Vasso

“Think outside the box” she told me to write and that is her advice. I know Vaso.I am her child's teacher. When she came to my office, she was terrified. You know