Vicky Sgourelli Author /Publisher at Books with Shoes Publications and Unspotted magazine, EFL/SEN Teacher and Head Director of studies and founder of L.O.V.E (Learn Only Via Empathy) private Language school.

“The Dandelion’s Wish”

“The Dandelion’s Wish” is a poem that talks about the power of love and unity. The Wind ,the raider, steals Dandelion’s flowers but the Sun has other plans. Author: Vasiliki Sgourelli Illustrator: Vicky


I haven’t been able to breathe for years, decades, centuries. I can’t breathe I can’t breathe because my  small world abhors me I have lived within a part of it A tiny

Spyridon Dasiotis

I belong to these people that believe silence is no gold. However, I discovered THE gold in silence. The soul in the wood. Spyridon Dasiotis is an artist with a heart so


My front line people

We often hear the expression “front-line people” these days. Almost all times we mean doctors and nurses but also the rest of the medical staff who work in hospitals, health centers and

Not in My Backyard

Not in My Backyard

Not in My Backyard Phenomenon (NIMBY), also called Nimby is defined by the encyclopaedia Britannica as “a colloquialism signifying one’s opposition to the locating of something considered undesirable in one’s neighborhood”.

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