The Last Time

A different perspective

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The words alone are frightening… the last time! So, let’s talk about the last time, about that time that meant the end, the end of an important relationship, that came into our lives unexpectedly and shook it, beautified it, gave it meaning, adventure, laughter, crying, excitement and that was fatal to end.

People come and go into our lives, some stay, some leave, some passers-by and others leave their mark indelible. Some relationships start with a predetermined end, with an expiration date, which you know from the beginning, but you stubbornly ignore, because hope always nests at one end! The hope that something will change, and the end will not come. But it does and even though you knew, it hurts a lot.

And what can one do? To mourn, yes, to mourn the loss, to let yourself experience it, to fall and rise again. Our emotions, positive or negative, re here to learn to live with and manage. Only then we can deal with any situation in our lives.

People are “programmed” to adapt to survive.

So, we can stay on our feet after such a loss. Let us not forget that loss is not only death, loss is also the absence of an important person from our life, who we may never see again, never speak to him again, never hear his voice again.

So, there comes a time when we have to say goodbye, knowing that this will be the last time we see a person, a person with whom we shared part of our lives, of ourselves, had dreams that never came true. After that moment, time counts down… 1 day away, 1 month away, 1 year away… and slowly comes the realization of the loss, the reconciliation with its idea and the moment you know you have to move on, even if a piece of you almost stubbornly refuses and waits for the return. But what a tangle is created inside us, because we are in pain waiting for someone to return or trying to forget and in the end, we do not know which of the two hurts more!

I despise separations, they scare me, paralyze me, break me but at the same time I think they come to teach me something. What should they teach me? that I have to treasure the moments with the people I love and count on. so that when the end comes, I will have lived with them the most I could, because maybe that way the end will not leave so much bitterness. Or finally let it be a worthy end to the history that has preceded. Not that I’ve made it, but as we’ve said, I’m learning! But I can’t stop hoping that one day I will meet them again, because life is a circle and maybe some circles don’t ever close!


“In each loss there is a gain,

              As in every gain there is a loss

        And with each ending

                 Comes a new beginning”







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